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Meer informatie over Eurofins De Bredelaar

Meer informatie over Eurofins De Bredelaar

Eurofins De Bredelaar was was founded in 1988 as De Bredelaar B.V.

Acquired by Eurofins Agroscience Services in 2015, Eurofins De Bredelaar is  located in Elst (Gelderland) in the Netherlands. Specialising in crop protection in agriculture and horticulture, Eurofins De Bredelaar carries out efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue-studies in various crops as well as demonstration trials

Both GEP (for efficacy trials) and GLP (for residue trials) certified, field trials are carried out onsite at the local premises (fields and glasshouses) and at nurseries and arable farms throughout the Netherlands.

GEP accredited efficacy and crop safety research

  • Agriculture and seed treatment / GEP research
  • Glasshouse horticulture / GEP research
  • Flowerbulbs / GEP research
  • Fruit / GEP research
  • Field vegetables / GEP research
  • Lawn and tree nursery / GEP research

GLP residue and exposure research

Eurofins De Bredelaar performs trials and analysis in order to determine the safety of a new pesticide or use of a pesticide for humans, animals and the environment. Following standard procedures, crops are treated and residues are measured. The analysis of the samples is carried out in one of the several Eurofins Agroscience Services laboratories in Europe.  All tests are designed and conducted according to OECD guidelines (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) principles and GLP guidelines (Good Laboratory Practice).  Soil dissipation studies and Ecotox fieldwork is conducted in cooperation with the EAS Group ecotoxicology team that operates across all regions.

OPEX and re-entry studies / GLP research

OPEX studies are studies that determine to which extent the applicant of the treatment is exposed to the plant protection product. Re-entry studies are conducted to determine what interval must be taken into account between a crop treatment and exposing staff to the treated crop.

Demonstration and platform

In order to let dealers and end users get acquainted with your products, Eurofins De Bredelaar can provide demonstration trials at its onsite premises. Trials are designed according to the demands of the customers. In addition, clients are invited to visit these trials. These visits can be combined with a presentation for which a dedicated large meeting room is available.


Based in Elst, at this location there are two warehouses, an office and a glasshouse complex - this new glasshouse complex consists of several compartments, so multiple trials in different crops and under different conditions can be performed simultaneously. One of the warehouses contains conditioned storage rooms and laboratories. The site offers 24 ha of arable farmland for field trials.  Also different types of machines for planting and harvesting including a combine are at hand.

In addition to our location in Elst, field trials are carried out at nurseries and arable farms throughout the country. In order to find the right location for your trial, an extensive network of farmers and (glasshouse) growers is on hand.


Eurofins De Bredelaar            
Reethsestraat 17b - 6662 PK Elst
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31-(0)481-462379
Email: Frans Van Tilburg